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“Creating happiness for our visitors”

It’s like opening your house, or campervan, to new people. You want them to be happy. Happy visitors are returning visitors and open the road to online success; online friends. Our goal is to make visitors happy, so you can turn them into your friends! We do it everywhere; our concepts, with clients and at offline events. Happiness is making new friends.

Online marketing by Digital Nomads

Two Dutchies hit the road with an explore the world to experience the world mind set. Helping clients getting the best out of their online search engine presence along the way.

We chose absolute freedom in our lives, to live life to the fullest. Never bound by anything we only aim for the best. Our ten years experience in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Advertising (SEA), Affiliate Marketing and Content Marketing is proving it on a daily basis. Via Google Meet and e-mail we help you achieve your goals.

Concept creation

Our mind never stops sprouting ideas. A few made it past the drawing table and are out there on the World Wide Web. As travelling is basically what we do everyday since 2015 we keep our concepts close to us, they’re all about getting you to travel and experience more! But we don’t just do our concepts; we love giving your concept a birdseye view and be your sparring partner all the way to its success.

We try to make people happy with our travel content, and with that we hope to inspire people to go and explore this wonderful world. Check our work via our Dutch website “Wij Reizen in” where we go in-depth to inform visitors on all countries we’ve visited. Living in a campervan is quite an experience, lightly said. Living and working in our van gives us the opportunity to really get to know a country; slow travel. We transform all our experiences to useful content for anyone looking for first hand experience on a country.

Looking for a sparring partner to get your concept airborne? We can teach you how to fly! From monetizing your concept to reaching your target audience, we’ve been there and we helped others making there concepts profitable successes. Get us up to date on your idea and tell how we can help you to get it out there. Lets create happiness.

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